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Ecuri Cosmetics

Xtreme Plasma Lift

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The solution for droopy eyelids, crow's feet and wrinkles you want to get rid of. What makes our system unique? All other plasma pens make dots up to 4 mm and can only "treat" the skin superficially our Xtreme Plasma Lift only makes dots of 0.1 mm and because we can scan with our unique focused plasma beam and can scan intensively, we work up to the dermis and not only superficially like all other plasma pens, the Xtreme Plasma Lift therefore not only provides superficial skin tightening, but tightening to the dermis, so longer and more results! Zero chance of skin damage and pigment problems because our dots are 19 to 39 x smaller.

Xtreme Plasma Lift

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    Voldoet aan de laatste EU wetgeving

  • Intense pigmenten

    Ongekende dekking voor de proffesional

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    Vrij van schadelijke stoffen

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    Pigmenten voor de proffesinals