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Fixing Agent Lip 10ml

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Is a product to speed the the healing process of the lips. When lip tissue heal more fast there will be beter retention of the pigment Fixing Agent Lip has two active ingredients One helps to repare the broken bloodvessels, so the pigment will not leak out. Second helps to close the epidermis. These are all non medical ingredients. It also contains a little red 254 but this will not chance the colour of the pigment which is used. How to use ? After lip treatment apply Lip Fixing Agent to the lips with a micro brush and let it dry to the air.  It is very important to get no bleeding of the lip tissue during the treatment. If this might happen many technicians use adrenaline/epinefrine solutions like Sustain or blue ice.  We do not recommend, since this can course unequal colour absorption. First of all you have to avoid any bleeding. If minor bleeding might happen, apply Lip Fixing Agent with micro brush and wait a few minutes, before continuing your procedure.

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Fixing Agent Lip 10ml - Ecuri Cosmetics

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