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What makes Xtreme pigments so good?

Xtreme pigments are currently (probably) the best pigments on the market.

Xtreme pigments are very strong, are very easily absorbed into the skin, do not discolor, fade very nicely after a few years and are very easy to use. These pigments have been specially developed for the latest PMU techniques! The big secret of Xtreme pigment is the addition of a very small amount of skin glue. As a result, the skin heals very quickly and you can easily create an even pigmentation.This also makes them the most stable colors in the field of permanent make-up. All pigments comply with the new EU Reach regulation 2021 on the safety of pigments, no AZO pigments are used. Our pigments are completely safe. You can download MSDS datasheets in our webshop.
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