Founded in the Netherlands

Ecuri Cosmetics was founded by Elizabeth KuruczIn 1984, we started with Micropigmentation. Machines did not existed, at that time. We used a sewing needle which was attached to a bamboo chopstick.

Much has been changed since then. It is our goal to be leading in innovation for pigments, needles, machines and education.



Alec Kurucz is a Permanent Make-up artist since the early 80's.  

He developed a lot of new techniques and was one of the first cosmetics tattoo artist in the Netherlands, being a pioneer for eyeliner tattoos and scalp pigmentation.

 In the years thanks to his vision, he always brings inovation in the field with continuously developing new products and machines.

Ecuri Guarantees

  • Reliable

    All our pigments strictly follow the Reach 2022 legislation

  • Safe

    Our professional equipments are fully CE certified

  • Quality

    Our products are produced in Europe with highest standards

The next level of PMU: Innovative pigments for the professional Artist

Elevate your PMU pigment experience

Ecuri pigments are produced in our own lab. We have developed our own formula for organic pigments which does not change colour but gradually fade overtime, without becoming red or gray.

Most importantly our pigments are safe to use and meet all EU standards, like the ResAP 2008 and the new Reach regulation Reach 2022.

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Choose excellence with our PMU training academy

Industry-leading masterclasses

Ecuri Cosmetics offers high-quality training for PMU masters. Our courses cover everything from color theory to advanced techniques, and we use only the highest quality equipment and pigments.

We offer a comfortable and supportive learning environment and provide exclusive support and assistance from PMU professionals to our graduates. At Ecuri, we are dedicated to helping our students become skilled PMU masters and true artists who are passionate about enhancing the natural beauty of their clients. Join us and discover the power of permanent makeup done right.

Ecuri Academy

Discover the power of expert PMU removal and correction with Ecuri

We have developed our own microneedling system for skin improvement and wrinkle reduction, using your own micropigmentation machine.

A wrinkle-free future without cutting or Botox.

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