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Nano Tangerine

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Strongest Orange pigment, can be added to prevent or correct gray brows or strokes. Also corrects blue eyeliners. Reach OK

Xtréme pigment is Organic Pigment 

Organic colour have Carbon black inside 

This is a strong colorant and stay long in the skin 

Also it is more easy absorbed by the skin 

For this a colour which looks warm in the bottle becomes  gray after healing

And other reason why pigment becomes gray

Is the depth of the pigment in the skin 

The more deep 

Main more gray undertones

For this 

Very Shallow work is very important 


We have 5 pigment to correct gray undertone. 

In this list  the correction pigment becomes more strong 

1 Honey

2 Peach1 / Gray  Corrector 

3 Tropicana 

4 Cool Stop

5 Tangerine


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Pigment Passport PDF SVG File

Nano Tangerine - Ecuri Cosmetics
Nano Tangerine - Ecuri Cosmetics

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