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Ecuri Cosmetics

GGD Hygiene Set

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1x Barrier Film, 1x Clip Cord Sleeves 125pc/box, 1x Wrapping Elastic Tape, 1x Sterilized Ink Cup 50x, 1x Nitril Glovees 100pc/box Including 3x EN ISO NUMBER, 1x Dental Towel 3 Layers 125x, 1x Bactolin 500ml 1x Handdesinfectie Sterillium 500ml, 2x Pump, 1x Needle Container 2L Including NF EN ISO NUMBER , 1x Alcohol Podior 100ml, 1x White Petrolatum USP / After care sachets 10x, 10x Toestemmingsformulier.

Alle producten om goed door de GGD keuring te komen.

(Nitril Glovees) Geef hieronder aan welke maat handschoenen u wilt.

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GGD Hygiene Set

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