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Flux S Special Edition Bubblegum 3mm + Extra Battery

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Optimized for the needs of PMU artists, it is elegantly designed, manageable and lightweight for an ease of use that will unleash your skills to a whole new level of beauty. The removable Flux S battery lasts up to 12 hours and charges with a regular USB-C cable. No cord, no power supply = less cross-contamination. Very easy installation. Effortlessly switch sides while working. New generation of brushless motors means lightweight: only 170 grams. Dynamic Power Path Management: Consistent power for more precise work. 3mm stroke optimized for PMU
Most of the weight is in the middle. User-friendly, color-coded voltage display. Decrease and increase the tension in half steps. Voltage from 5 – 12 Volts. Detachable Battery: Switch to the PowerBolt auxiliary battery. Save when you buy both at the same time!. Battery life: up to 12 hours. Full charge in less than 2 hours with standard USB-C cable. Note: Longer power cords and weaker power sources will cause the device to take a long time to charge or not to charge at all. Bluetooth enabled: pair with the Darklab app. Compatible with most diaphragm needles. Made in the USA. ***NOT compatible with the Killswitch**
Flux S Special Edition Bubblegum 3mm + Extra Battery

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