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Fixing Agent Black 10 ml

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For Cryspy Hairstrokes

Ecuri Fixing Agent Black is a revolutionary product that ensures that hairstrokes do not shed or migrate. EFAB ensures that the pigment that has been injected into the skin hardens in a few seconds. As a result, the rejection is reduced to a minimum and the chance of the strokes migrating is virtually zero.
This results in hairstrokes that remain just as beautiful after healing as when they were set. Ecuri Fixing Agent Black causes the pigment to crystallize after about 30 seconds. Your skin can easily move liquid pigment, but crystallized pigment is much harder to move. As a result, you have a lot less repulsion and you also get no blurry strokes. Rub Ecuri Fixing Agent Black in with a brush after applying 3 or 4 strokes. Then press for at least 10 seconds with a dry tissue. Also stops bleeding. Ensures better absorption of the pigment in the skin and accelerates the healing process
As a result, the pigment is rejected less quickly
After pigmentation with micro brush
Apply a thin layer over brows eyeliner once

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Fixing Agent Black 10 ml - Ecuri Cosmetics

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